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CHI '17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
ACM2017 Proceeding
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • New York
  • NY
  • United States
CHI '17: CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Denver Colorado USA May 6 - 11, 2017
Next Conference
April 29 - May 5, 2022
New Orleans , LA , USA


CHI 2017 is the premier international conference for the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This year it was held in Denver, bordering the beautiful Rocky Mountain region in the U.S., and reflected in our logo. The CHI 2017 conference began with two days of workshops and symposia, followed by four days of a technical program with 17 parallel sessions of provocative papers, panels, case studies, SIGs (Special Interest Groups), courses, and the popular student research, design, and game competitions. The growing alt.chi forum, now in its twelfth year, presented stimulating new ideas in HCI. The Interactivity forum showcased cutting-edge technology. For its second year, the CHI Art Exhibit merged art and technology in fascinating ways.

This innovative work can be found in the Proceedings and Extended Abstracts, archived in the ACM Digital Library. For papers, the conference received 2400 submissions which were rigorously reviewed, resulting in 600 accepted papers. To ensure a better fit with reviewers, new subcommittees were created. Across all tracks, CHI received nearly 5000 submissions and accepted over 1000.

Our conference theme this year, Explore, Innovate, Inspire, informed our planning process. A new venue held this year was CHI Stories. We generally know little of the personalities that drive the research presented at CHI. CHI Stories is a chance for CHI community members to share personal stories of inspiration, challenge, successes and failures, and grit. We also focused on inclusion this year. Hundreds of CHI attendees volunteered their skills in a Day of Service partnering with non-profit organizations. Inclusion was also manifest throughout the conference, for example, in the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch and by using telepresence robots to enable people with disabilities to participate remotely in the conference. Our keynote speakers were chosen to reflect our conference theme. The speakers were Neri Oxman, who combines computational design, digital fabrication, materials science and synthetic biology; Ben Shneiderman a founder of the CHI conference who, along with some key CHI personalities, gave a perspective on CHI's history and future; Wael Ghonim, credited with starting the Arab Spring and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; and best-selling author Nicholas Carr who challenges us to examine the unforeseen impacts of technology, particularly with automation.

The world has experienced a dramatic change this past year. We live in extraordinary times and this calls for extraordinary thinking, something that the CHI community excels at. One of the challenges the community faced this year was responding to a U.S. executive order to ban citizens of certain countries from entering the country to attend CHI. As CHI is committed to inclusion, we decided to hold events at the conference to discuss and plan how we can continue our commitment to inclusion. The conference held a panel to discuss impacts of current political events on science, and hastily organized a panel to promote a conversation of civil liberties in science and a SIG on how the CHI community can participate in change. We are proud to have expanded telepresence options through the use of robots to enable people to participate in the conference remotely if they were physically unable to enter the country. We had a keynote speaker who inspired us on the topic of Internet activism. Our art exhibit, I'll Be Watching You, examined the contemporary issue of surveillance.


  • Gloria J Mark
    University of California, Irvine
  • Susan R. Fussell
    Cornell University
  • Cliff A C Lampe
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • M C Schraefel
    University of Southampton
  • Juan Pablo Hourcade
    University of Iowa
  • C. Appert
    Paris-Saclay University
  • Daniel Wigdor
    University of Toronto

Acceptance Rates

CHI '17 Paper Acceptance Rate 600 of 2,400 submissions, 25%
Overall Acceptance Rate 6,478 of 27,711 submissions, 23%
CHI '182,59066626%
CHI '172,40060025%
CHI '162,43556523%
CHI '152,12048623%
CHI '142,04346523%
CHI '131,96339220%
CHI '121,57737023%
CHI '111,53241027%
CHI '101,34630222%
CHI '091,13027725%
CHI '0871415722%
CHI '0784018222%
CHI '0662615124%
CHI '053729325%
CHI '045789316%
CHI '034687516%
CHI '024146115%
CHI '013526920%
CHI '003367221%
CHI '993127825%
CHI '983518123%
CHI '972345524%
CHI '962565521%
CHI '952286629%
CHI '942637027%
CHI '933306219%
CHI '922166731%
CHI '912405623%
CHI '902604718%
CHI '891995427%
CHI '881873921%
CHI '871664628%
CHI '861224739%
CHI '851703521%
CHI '831765934%
CHI '821657545%


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